DeVilbiss KB II Pressure Pot

DeVilbiss KB II Series 2.2 litre pressure pots feature a pistol grip carrying handle and a right or left handed design for spray painting operator comfort and ease of handling.  DeVilbiss KB II pressure pots included a convenient belt loop carrying hook that can be used to suspend the pressure pot from any appropriate point while spray painting or between jobs..

DeVilbiss KB II pressure pots have a lid with knurled edges to assist with opening and wider than most 2 litre pressure pots opening allow for fast filling and easy access for cleaning. DeVilbiss KB II pressure pot internal surfaces are smooth and rounded so there are no corners that can be difficult to remove paint or solven from. The DeVilbiss KB II pressure pot wide opening easily allows a painter to reach all internal surfaces by hand for a quick and easy thorough cleanup. DeVilbiss KB II pressure pots design incorporates a wide base for greater stability when placing the pot on the ground, workbench or other surfaces.

DeVilbiss KB II pressure pots use a solvent resistant check valve and are fitted with a 0-30 psi air pressure gauge. 

Ideal for a variety of materials and a broad range of fluid flows.  Fluid pressure range of 2-30 psi.

SKU: KB-555
2.2 Litre Pressure Pot DeVilbiss KB II
$446.61 Inc GST